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elcome, I have over 10 years of coding experience and over 6 years of WordPress development.

I believe that websites can add value, without costing thousands of dollars.

Websites are not cheap, but I think that a client should feel like they got more than they paid for. That being said, I charge a fair price and work with clients to make sure their bottom line doesn’t take a hit – just to launch a great website.

I believe that all businesses and nonprofits should have a professional web presence.

This is a first date with your new customer or donor, and a good first impression is everything.

I believe that a website should offer a good user experience

Making your visitors feel at home, is only the first step.

I believe that each website should have a unique look and feel

Your brand is important, and without a unique brand you are just another face in the crowd.

I believe that every website should offer value to everyone that visits it

The internet full of users asking questions,
and searching for answers. The key to showing up in their search results is not just having an answer, but having the best answer.

I believe that creating something exceptional outweighs creating a placeholder

Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan. When I start a new project, the main goal is not a new website – the main goal is an exceptional professional web presence.

I believe that every website should be easy for anyone to modify

WordPress owns more than 50% of the Content Management market, and is approaching the point where one out of every three websites is a WordPress site.
WordPress runs 28% or the internet, and this percentage grows everyday. Why is this open source content management system so popular?

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