Thank you for taking the time to meet with me about your open front end developer position. It was a pleasure meeting you, and though I get too nervous and feel like I don’t interview that well – I can’t overstate how much this position is a great fit for me based on my past experience.
I didn’t really have a Portfolio page, so I created this page to illustrate some of my work. Like I said during the interview, I have created many websites over the last ten years, the majority of which use the WordPress CMS. From custom themes to plugins, I have used my experience to bend WordPress to my will (as a friend of mine used to say). Below you will find a couple of my latest projects, and also feel free to view Beeline’s website here. Beeline’s website is very large, and many of the pages were created by me. I did not have too much influence in the design, as we had strict brand guidelines, with a very inclusive pattern library that we had to follow. One interesting thing about this site is that it is built using the WordPress CMS, but the front end is a stand alone site that displays or serves up the CMS content. They call this type of site a “headless WordPress” site. The content is “fed” to the main website from the original WordPress site through an API. We had an issue with slower-than-desired page loading times, and this was our solution.
Best regards, Nick
A little about me, because every “Portfolio” needs this section.
Along my journey from the young boy obsessed with how everything works, to the engineer that brings ideas to life with code ā€“ I have refined three great passions ā€“ learning, problem solving, and creating. I use these three passions every day that Iā€™m writing code, making coding one of my most enjoyable and fulfilling activities.

Ana’s Limousines

This project was for a friend of mine. His business creates websites for local businesses, and he had more work than developers – so I helped him out with this website. The current website is about nine years old, shows its age, and is not mobile friendly. I was given a lot of leeway on this project design, so I designed a brighter site, a new logo, and a homepage that markets their service. They would have been happy with just a mobile friendly site with their information and a way to make a reservations, but I couldn’t stop the marketer in me, and I added lots of happy people in limousines.
This site is in final review with the client, but you can view the staging site at the address below.


This project was actually a startup that I co-founded with a business partner. I created a huge WordPress plugin for nonprofits, that was designed to help them consolidate the following online abilities on their website:
  • Accept donations and organize donor data.
  • Create Peer-to-Peer campaigns.
  • Create events with event ticket purchase pages.
  • Vet volunteers and organize volunteer data.
  • Run reports and prospect individuals for future donations.
A Few Screenshots of the Application
Nonprofix Dashboard
Nonprofix Add Supporter Panel
Nonprofix View Donations Panel

Guayabo Animal Rescue

This project was for a new nonprofit organization operated by an associate of mine in Costa Rica. The main emphasis for this design was content, but they did want an “earthy” tone, and bright theme to highlight the content. This organization helps the local community, and also helps local animals find a new home.
This site uses the Nonprofix plugin to organize and collect their donor data, and has some custom capabilities built into the theme to display animals for adoption or sponsorship.

Florida Leaders in Lifesaving

This project was for a new organization created by the Jacksonville Humane Society. The theme was designed around the JHS color palette and included a new logo. The goal was to create a website that would highlight Florida animal welfare organizations.
This website is continually updated by the organization, but maintains most of the original layout and design.
Visit my staging website with my original design.